Turkey Valley Football
Turkey Valley Line Paint Crew
It Happens Every Thursday During Football Season!
Homecoming Week is Extra Special
The paint crew does an extra special job for homecoming
with the endzone "checkerboard" with red and white
colors, The Trojan in the center of the field, background for
the numbers on the field, and as always one of the best
looking lined fields in the state.

Below hear some special interviews with Karlos McClure
(former Superintendent) and Bob Vrzak one of the younger
members of the crew from Lawler.

The whole crew's dedication is just another example of the
pride the communities take in the school
Hear an Interview with John Cuvelier
and see video and pictures of the "Men at Work"....

If its Thursday, You'll find the paint crew at work on the
Turkey Valley Football Field
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The Crew is getting it ready for 2012
One of the finest Line Paint Crews in the state was hard at
it Thursday morning, just like they are every Thursday
during the football season painting the field.  If the varsity
plays on the road or not the crew does its thing on John
Cuvelier as well as "rookie" BobHuinker and a couple of
seasoned veterans in Bernie Busta and Jack McKone.  The
field always looks impressive at Turkey Valley
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2012 Turkey Valley Football

Follow the Trojans
red to help raise awareness of breast cancer in particular and all
cancers in general, which most of us have been affected by at
some time in our lives.
 John Cuvelier explains in the video
interview below