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Taking a negative and turning it into a
positive thanks to "Iowa Boy" Chuck
Offenburger and his annual
"Turkey of the Year"
@ Turkey Valley.
Hear an Interview with Grant
Cuvelier (pictured above with
Offenburger) about this
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"You've come a long way Baby"
In the 1960s the early girl softball teams at
Turkey Valley wore slacks and a
sweatshirt for the team's uniform
The cover of the very first
Turkey Valley Yearbook in 1961

Note:  Although the district included St.
Lucas and Protivin in the early years few
students from the 2 towns attended since
they both still had catholic high schools.  
St. Lucas closed in 1967 and Protivin in
1968 making the 1968-69 school year the
first year with all high school students
going to the school in Jackson Jct.  
During that first "full" year, the first
expansion, including the multi-purpose
room, was going on making for an
extremely crowded school, especially
during the changing of classes.  Imagine a
school building slightly more than a third
of what it is today with nearly 4 times as
many students.  
That was Turkey Valley
during the 1968-69 school year.
Long time principal Ron Donn (above right) saw hundreds of but no
doubt among his proudest moments had to be when his own children
completed their days at the school.  He remains respected & friends
with most graduates through today (including this publisher)!
Hear Donn and others talk about the early years of the school
and how it all came together
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Homecoming Queens"
Photos of all the Queens during
Turkey Valley's 50 plus years!
It's a Thing of Beauty
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Little known "Internet Fact"
Einstein (above) actually attended Turkey Valley.
who the above picture "really" is.
The Very First Turkey Valley
State Championship Team

Hear an interview with Pitcher Mary Lensing as
The decade of the only 3 State Champion Teams
With Many Great Photos, interviews, and more
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From the very beginning, Turkey Valley
has always had some of the most talented, hard working, attractive
cheerleaders of any school around.
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a truly interesting and exciting time
See Many Great Photos
from the early years
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when more students attended than
any other decade
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When the students weren't afraid to
express themselves intelligently!
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interviews, and more
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Old Friends, Great Entertainment,
and much Fun
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During the
50th Anniversary Celebration
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Turkey Valley Graduation
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Turkey Valley Track
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second year of any of its players
playing football, Turkey Valley
went undefeated

Click the  photo or here for more
photos, video and an interview
with Bill Sheridan and member of
that remarkable team.
Even on a Snow Day the Trojan is there
protecting the premises at
Turkey Valley
"Loved By Thousands Weekly"