Ray Lukes
Retires after
43 Years of Service
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Ray Lukes Retires after 43 Years
of Service to the Town of Protivin

How do you thank a man and his family for countless nights of service,
mainly on the weekends?  The truth is you really can't enough!

Ray Lukes served Protivin for 43 years as "Town Cop" and he mainly
did it because of his desire to serve the people of the town and
surrounding area.

He was honored with a brief ceremony (you can see it below) and a
steady gathering of well wishers most of the afternoon on
Saturday (9/7/2013) at the Protivin Ball Park.

He was the perfect man for the job.  He understood the nature of the
people he served and no doubt had to let several comments and
other things roll off his back through the years.

When he started in 1970, there was a lot of activity in uptown Protivin
on weekend nights and when he retired the sleepy little town was just

But from start to finish his presence was known.  You would see his
squad car by Clet's and the Mini-Mart or maybe by the church on top of
the hill and it was a reminder to you to make sure you stopped and
drove safely.

How many people he may have saved from accident or worse cannot
be measured.  Or how his presence protected the local businesses
from being robbed can never be known, but you know his mere
presence had to have some positive affect on it all.

However, mostly it was his demeanor that made him perfect for the job.

In the brief ceremony, Protivin Mayor Mike Lensing made a
presentation as did Howard County Sheriff Mike Miner.  His wife Joyce
and others shed some tears.

And in Protivin
"Everybody Loves Raymond"!

See the ceremony below on the first video and on the
second video see a couple minute interview with Ray
about his 43 Years of Service!
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Not always an easy task, but Raymond
somehow kept the former Protivin
residents in line who would come back to
town for different events to "Raise Hell"!
Ray with his wife Joyce and one of their grandsons
"She couldn't fight back all the tears"
Protivin Mayor Mike Lensing
representing the citizens of the town
Ray for his 43 years of service
(and below)
Howard County Sheriff Mike Miner
offering a hand shake to the grandson
after thanking Ray for his service not only
to Protivin but to Howard County
and his department.