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Wilma Bouska turns 95
See Photos and Video of Wilma
Report on Masopust 2011 in Protivin
Waterloo Paper in Protivin ..find out
how it started!
Adam Kalishek's famed
1939 K of C Basketball Team
How many Can you identify w/o looking it up??
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See the Old Protivin Photos
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Protivin, Iowa  USA
Turkey Valley Baseball 2011
That Looks like Jerry Polashek himself (above) preparing
the meal at his 1962 Pig Roast and below could that be
Gene Schwade enjoying a pint or two?
In 1955 Bill Prochaska of Rudolphinum HS
in Protivin set the all-time scoring record
in Iowa for a basketball player.  The
record stood for 7 years.  His team that
year were conference champions.  
Prochaska, now retired after 30+ years as
coach and AD at Upper Iowa University
talks about 1955 and his storied
basketball career
stories from 1955
2011 Memorial Day
There probably is not a place in the There
probably is not a place in the latest in a
long line that helped improve country
with more Eagle Scouts per capita the
Protivin Ball Park with Eagle Scout
projects...Click Mark's photo  to
hear the interview and see the pictures
and video about his project
Judy Busta of Protivin, Iowa, stands
before ribbons of remembrance at St.
Sept. 11, 2011 as she came to New York to
commemorate the 10th anniversary of the
attacks at the World Trade Center. (AP
Photo/Craig Ruttle)
(photo published in newspapers and
websites throughout the World)
See Photo of Connie Pecinovsky  on
9/11 Anniversary
See Protivin Native
"Dancing with The Stars"
Music Was Provided by the Protivin Band
    Homeland Security
    other agencies on the scene in Protivin

    (Protivin, Iowa) Much remains unclear in the small Northeastern
    Iowa Town of Protivin where on Friday evening from around 6 p.
    m. Until shortly after 10 p.m. At least 6 law enforcement officers
    representing 4 different agencies, including Homeland Security
    were on the scene at the Protivin Apartment Complex.

    Apparently one of the residents had blocked in at least two
    vehicles with an SUV and a trailer.  It was reported by some of
    the residents that this is not the first time this has happened.

    It was later discovered that the owner of the vehicle, Dean Allen
    Benter was in his apartment and refused to come out to be
    served papers in connection with some earlier incidents.  
    Shortly after the vehicle was towed away all of the officers left
    the scene.

    In addition to Homeland Security, officers from the Iowa Highway
    Patrol, Howard County Sheriff's Department, and Protivin Police
    Department were on the scene for several hours.


    The man emerged shortly before 11 p.m. talking loudly on his cell
    phone in the nearby ball park to  what was thought to be a
    dispatcher .  The man was speaking so loudly he woke several
    residents.  His dialogue was laced with F words.  911 calls were
    placed and after several minutes officers did arrive and talked to
    the man.  He continued to speak loudly until close to 12.  Officers
    from the Protivin Police Department and Iowa Highway Patrol
    were on the scene and talked with the man well past midnight.

    He was eventually hand-cuffed and arrested around 1 a.m.  The
    man was identified as Dean Allen Benter of Protivin, formerly of

    Several of the towns residents said Benter was believed to have
    been involved in an incident at the Social Security office in
    nearby Decorah on Thursday and also on highway 52 with a semi
    on his way home.  This was confirmed by authorities.

    Homeland Security had come up from Des Moines on Friday
    morning to serve Binter papers.  He refused creating the ordeal

    Protivin is a town of a little over 300 people in the Southeast
    corner of Howard County Iowa near Cresco, Decorah and New
"What Do YOU Want to Know?"
Click For Front Page
To Make Plans to attend
Protivin's 2013 Czech Days

2013 is the 35th Year and there'll be a
Parade with many interesting
dignitaries expected to be there

Get More on  
2013 Czech Days
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overwhelming success with record

See videos, photos, interviews, music,
the 1962 Team and more
Protivin's Sonny Kalishek
inducted into the Hall-of-Fame
Get the details
Click here for more details and
to hear some Polka Music
Florence Zahasky,
from Protivin (left) turned 100 on
October 3 at Evans Memorial Home. in
Patty Mohn also of Protivin (right)
helped her
to lunch and her party @ Evans where
she now lives.   Her maiden
name was Hauber and she was 1 of 5
daughters and 2 sisters are still living
(both younger). It's in the genes!  Her
mother lived to be 99.
There is also a brief interview with
Florence on her birthday
that can be
seen here.  (She is hard of hearing
which made it difficult to communicate
w/o shouting)
Protivin Wedding from 1940
Filmed by George F. Mikesh at Protivin, Iowa August 28 1940.
Film courtesy of the George Mikesh collection
and taken from HenriFlix Collection on YouTube
First Snow of The Season
Picture from Ball Park in Protivin
It started snowing around 5 a.m. Sunday
and continued into Mid-Day...(No Major
accumulation..generally less than 1/2 inch)
Click Here See many more
photos of snow
Click for more info from Don's Website
563-569-8242 or Randy@WddNews.com
"Ask about Our Video Service, Too!"
Polashek's Locker on
Travel Channel
Coming This

First Annual Irish
Fest in Lawler
June 21-23
more details
coming soon
Video of Snow at the
Protivin Ball Park on May 2, 2013

It's Back
for the 3rd Year

June 14th in The
Big Beautiful City of
Brat & Brew Registration Form
May 2, 2013 Snow in Protivin!
Pre-Planting Sunset
"Iowa is known for  its beautiful sunsets"
This one over Bouska's Field
from the Protivin Ball Park
where most days you will find
a Beautiful Sunset!
Delmar Schmiit (left) &
Clarence Vrba (right)
served their country in WW2!
Bud & Diane Svoboda
with trophies won by
The Ambassadors of Harmony.
Bud a Protivin native
performs with the famed
"The Ambassadors of Harmony",
a gold medal winning group
from the St. Louis area.
Get the story and hear the
performance that won the gold!
Protivin Town Meeting from the 60s
Left to right around the table, Frank Chyle, Clarence Vrba, Bill Houdek,
Joe Fencl, Gus Bouska,(????), Clarence Bouska, Don Lensing
Above Photos From
Protivin in The Czech Republic.  
Can you see any simalarities?
Share your Photos
from any occasion Past or Present
Email:  Randy@WddNews.com
Share your Photos or Videos
from any occasion Past or Present
Email:  Randy@WddNews.com
Share your Photos or Videos
from any occasion
Past or Present
Email:  Randy@WddNews.com

The Meiricks & Staff of the Farmer's Mill
Bank of the West, Protivin
Your State Farm Agent, Don Dietzenbach
Tom Ward and all The Great Folks serving you @ The Mint
Don and his staff @ Clet's
John Cuvelier of Ins. Associates of Lawler
The Folks serving your needs @ C.A.S.H. in Lawler
The Gallery of Tops in Decorah

If you know of anyone that would like to join the above community
supporters of
Protivin have them contact:

It really is a great way for any business to get some
great exposure while keeping alive the memories,
past & present of the
Great Town of Protivin
Click Latest C.A.S.H Commercial Below
For more Info Click Here For
Gallery of Tops Website
Weather Below
The Crazy Challenging Weather Continues

Flash Flooding In Protivin..
Get the Details with Photos and Video
A sense of pride for the community has always been its outstanding
volunteer fire department.  The members of the Protivin Fire
Department are well-trained and are always ready to go.  Above the
fire station recently received a face lift and as the sign indicates the
department was established in 1906.
Follow Ben Klimesh
in the Minors

Ben Klimesh the son of Mary Kay
(Koshatka) & Lyle Klimesh is with the
Class A Dayton Dragons this summer.  The
pitcher drafted into the Cincinnati Reds
organization last summer will be in Cedar
Rapids to play on July 10th, 11th and 12th
and in the Quad Cities on the 13th, 14th,
and 15th of July.
Mary Kay grew up in Protivin and Lyle in
Fort Atkinson and live in the Chicago area.

Ben's grandmother Alfreda Koshatka still
lives in Protivin as does his uncle Don,
who's running Clet's.  Ben's other uncle
on his mother's side, Ken, now lives in
the Rochester area after living in
Hershey, PA for years..

Ben's dad is the son of Stan and Arlene
Klimesh of Fort.  Arlene still lives there.

Look at the photo above...I see a definite
resemblance to Clet

Read article about Ben being drafted with

Dayton Dragons Website
Visit Clet Koshatka's Website