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Eddie & Eydie See with Evelyn

See Eddie and Eydie See with
Evelyn...They are proud that
Evelyn arrived healthy at 8
pounds 7 ounces.

It cost them several 1000
dollars to have her.

In 1954, it cost less than $50 for
Evelyn's grandfather to be
delivered in the same hospital
and it included 3 days of room
and board for both the mother
and the baby

Unfortunetly, they are
concerned about their ability to
afford the needed health care.  

If something should happen to
Evelyn or one of them...they
might have to quit their jobs or
get divorced so they could get
the needed assistance from the

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    What is Freedom?  Even the definition of Freedom indicates that
    the definition of Freedom is different for each of us!

    We must all individually define what Freedom is to us and at the
    same time respect the definition of Freedom for others.  It is
    complex and a paradox.

    For me, Freedom is Independence. Independence to have my
    own thoughts and do things my own way with little interference
    from outside influences.  I must maintain an open mind on all
    issues in order for me to remain free.

    Many others are completely different and have more of a feeling
    of Freedom when they belong to something and remain never
    changing and even budging a little bit on any given issue.

    One thing that is the same for all of us is that our Freedom is a
    constant journey one which will and cannot ever end.

    As creatures of the earth we are all born with the spirit to be free.

    Our country was founded on believes outlined in the Declaration
    of Independence that we wanted to be free from any tyrants that
    wanted to control us.  

    We have fought many battles as a nation to assure our and
    others freedom.

    Right now many of us in the United States have the feeling that
    our own freedoms have been greatly diminished by our own

    People on both sides of the aisle and almost all down the middle
    feel that we as the people need to start getting back more
    control of our own lives.

    On our Freedom Journey our Freedom Ship is traveling in
    troubled waters and like the Titanic could soon, unknowing to
    us,  hit a Giant Iceberg that will destroy our Freedom Ship and in
    the process sink and kill the freedoms we so cherish.

    Many have already been lost, but many of us still carry the hope
    that they can be recovered.

    Many feel that the tyrants we must now free ourselves of are
    those elected by us.  We believe that they should be servants of
    the people and not of their political parties and the special
    interests they now serve.

    Political parties have a strangle hold on the elected officials and
    thus have a strangle hold on the American People.  Both parties
    like to blame the other for the diminishing freedoms.

    The only ones that can change that are “We the People”. We
    must wrestle back our freedom to make our own decisions.  We
    must free ourselves of the tyrants we now live under.

    We must have the courage to change things to improve them.  
    Very difficult decisions and actions must be made and taken.

    We have to quit electing officials simply because they belong to
    one party or the other.  We have to quit buying into the BS that
    either party has the people’s best interest in mind.  

    They do not!  We are only used to help get them elected so they
    can continue on their power ride to control.

    It will not be easy to buck the party system that now controls us.  
    It will not happen overnight, but it must begin to happen now.

    We cannot continue to travel in these troubled waters.  If we do
    our fate like the Titanic is inevitable.  Remember, the Titanic was
    considered unsinkable!

    What is the answer?  There is no easy answer and turning the
    ship will not be easy and will not happen overnight, but it must
    begin to happen now!

    We must find able leaders unencumbered by party affiliations.  
    We must draft them.  We must support them.  We must protect
    them from the dogs that will try to bring them down.  

    We must never give up the hope and the spirit to be free!

    It can be done. It must be done!  It must start now!

    It has to begin with all of us!

    I would like to hear from you!

    Randy Novotny

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