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Third Annual Norman Borlaug Education Day "Inspire"

(Protivin)  Over 200 5th graders from Howard- Winneshiek, South Winneshiek,
Riceville and  parochial schools Notre Dame, CFS, and DeSales and area HS
students were at the Third Annual Norman Borlaug Education Day "Inspire"

On this page are several photos from the event.  Click on the photos to make
them larger.  On the video you'll see and hear from the children as they
present the Norman Borlaug "song" and watch some of the presentations by
Jack Thomson of Cresco, Tom Spindler, President of the Norman Borlaug
School in the South Winneshiek system and also Vice President of the
Click to enlarge photos
Norman Borlaug
Heritage Foundation
4th Annual Norman Borlaug Education Day "Inspire"

September 16, 2011 did not affect the enthusiasm and thirst for learning about
Norman Borlaug for the nearly 300 5th graders attending from the following
(Protivin)  The cold blustery day at the Norman Borlaug farm on Friday
elementary schools: Trinity in Protivin, Sumner-Fredricksburg, South
Winneshiek, Desales in Ossian, Crestwood including Elma and Lime
Springs/Chester, Riceville, and Notre Dame of Cresco.

The students spent a busy day going through as many as 10 different stations
for 30 minute sessions.  They learned not only about Dr. Borlaug's life, but
also how they too may be "Inspired" to do great things.

On the video in addition to photos and video footage taken at the Borlaug
Farm during the event,  hear an interview with organizer of the event Barb
Schwamman, Principal at the Ossian School in the South Winneshiek system
and also Vice President of the Foundation and get in on a class being taught
by retired Cresco teacher Melodee Balk about education in the one room
school houses during the youth of Norman Borlaug and his sisters Palma and
The Norman Borlaug
firefighters who died in the
Hear part of this touching
tribute part of this touching
Tom Spindler, Past President
Norman Borlaug
Heritage Foundation
Borlaug's sister Charlotte Culbert of
always fondly remembered the days
on the farm growing up with Norman
Hear and see the "We're from Iowa" chant from the fith
graders in a 1919 setting in the one room school house
and an interview with Foundation President Tom Spindler
and video and photos of the students
Luther College Students Teach @ Spring
"Inspire" Day @ Borlaug Farm

Fifth grade students from Decorah, New Hampton, and North Winneshiek
gathered at the Borlaug Farm near Protivin on Friday 4/27/2012 for the fifth
"Inspire" Day held by the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation.

College elementary education majors from nearby Luther College in Decorah
were the teachers for the day.

Several learning sessions were set-up throughout the farm, including a
session in the same one room school house where Borlaug and his sisters
received their elementary school education.

The day was cold and blustery which seems to be usual for the "Inspire" days
at the farm.

However, there was plenty of enthusiasm from the students as you will see
from the after lunch chant from the school house on the video.

Not only were the fifth graders full of enthusiasm, but the college students as
well seemed to be enjoying their day on the farm.
Dr. Norman Borlaug
Events from The Farm
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at the Borlaug Farm.  See the videos and
stories below from some of them!
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That's Tom Spindler with the scissors about to cut the ribbon.  Spindler
is the immediate past President of the Norman Borlaug Heritage
Foundation and was instrumental in getting the new signs at the
Borlaug Farm with the help of Silos & Smoke Stacks.  On the left is
Candy Welch Steed (w/ white jacket) from Silos and Smoke Stacks.  
Current President
Barb Schwamann is holding the ribbon on the right.
(see the video of the ribbon cutting below)
Tom Spindler cuts the ribbon
Senator Merlin Bartz with Candy
Welch Streed
the Program &
Partnership Director with
Silos &
Smoke Stacks.  
Here them both
on the video to the right
Ribbon cutting for New Signage at Borlaug Farm

Over 200 people, many of them educators in the Howard-Winneshiek
School District were on hand for the ribbon cutting for the new signs at the
Boralug Farm 4 miles west of Protivin.

Past President Tom Spindler, who was instrumental in coordinating getting
the new signs did the honors of cutting the ribbon.  

Current Foundation President Barb Schwamann served as the emcee for
the event held on Tuesday August 21, 2012.

The video below has the ribbon cutting and comments from Schwamann,
Senator Merlin Bartz, and Candy Welch Streed from Silos and Smoke
Stacks and Jason Passmore from the Cresco Chamber.
Above is one of ten signs now at different spots throughout the
Borlaug Farms.  The signs will help students and others that visit
the farm better understand the accomplishments of Borlaug and
help them understand how they too might be able to become the
next Dr. Norman Borlaug.  (Note the map in the middle)
Norman Borlaug
Heritage Foundation