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What Thanksgiving is all About

In Protivin the day before the Thanksgiving Holiday friends came
together to harvest for another friend who less than a week earlier
was the victim of a farm accident that took his life.

The accident suffered by Merv Pecinovsky on his farm on November
21st, 2013 took his life.  No one knows for sure what exactly happened,
since no one was around when it happened, but it sure shook up
everyone in the area.

It also helped bring out the best in people when on the day after his
funeral and the day before thanksgiving a group of close to 25 people
were around to harvest the final few acres of Merv's corn.  Estimated
somewhere between 20 and 25 acres.  It was picked in no time, but the
kindness shown will be remembered forever by Merv's family and

Three combines and a few trucks and wagons were put to work by the
volunteers and in 4-5 hours it was all in at Art's Mill in Protivin.  

One of the impressive things about the whole event was how people
from all sides of Protivin turned out to help.

It was a great way for them to kick-off the thanksgiving weekend and
the holiday season.
It is impossible to name everyone
involved in this kind act since it is many,
so we will not even try to name them all.
We will mention
Dave Ondrashek who
was one of the people that spearheaded
the whole thing.
Dave also summed it up perfectly,
"We are
happy to be doing this for him and his
family, but only wish when we were done
he could be here with us to talk about it."
Ondrashek added,
 "It is easy for all of us
to do this, because we know he would have
done it for us"
Area Farmers and other Folks
Pitch in to Pick Merv's Corn

It was less than a week ago when the entire area was stunned to hear
the news that Merv Pecinovsky had died in a farming accident.  It
wasn't only because at 57 he was way too young to go, but also
because of the disposition he always greeted you with (A smile and a
kind word).

Merv had to be looking down with a huge smile on his face when 20-25
people, maybe even more helped pick the remaining 25 acres or so of
corn on his farm just outside of Protivin on Wednesday (11/27--the day
before Thanksgiving), a day after his funeral.  He has to be thinking,
"Damn, I have a lot of good friends".  
Yes, indeed he does and earned every one of them.

(The picture above shows 2 of the 3 combines going in one of the
fields on the Merv Pecinovsky farm near Protvin.  The one below
shows one of the combines with the church in the background where
Merv's funeral was held the day before.)

If you have something to share please email
Mervin L. Pecinovsky,  

age 57 of Protivin, Iowa died Thursday
November 21, 2013 at his home from a
farming accident.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held
10:30 a.m. Tuesday November 26, 2013, at
Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Protivin.

Friends may greet the family 3 - 8 p.m.
Monday November 25, 2013 at the
Hugeback Johnson Protivin Funeral Home
where there will be a 4:00 p.m. Rosary.

Interment will be in Holy Trinity Catholic
Cemetery, Protivin.

See full Obituary from
Hugeback-Johnson Funeral Home
See Video
Friends Picking Merv's Corn
The corn was hauled to
Art's Mill in Protivin
The view from the Pecinovsky Farm of
Holy Trinity Church in Protivin.  Merv was
a lifelong member of the church.  It is
where he was baptized, had his first
communion, was confirmed, and it was
where his funeral was held the day before
the "harvest".
Publisher's Note:

It speaks to the character of Merv
Pecinovsky and the farmers and others
that helped pick his corn yesterday that in
the nearly 4 years we've been doing this
website few stories have been received
by so many in an almost unreal uplifting

It is a fitting Thanksgiving Story in so
many ways.  I hesitate to call it perfect
because Merv is no longer with us
physically, but truly is with us spiritually.

I want to share a couple of the many
emails I have received in regards to this

From Amy Moudry of Protivin in a few
words that captures the general
sentiment of many!

"Awesome story on the “harvest”
at Merv’s today!  Made me cry again!!
Thank you!"

From Clair K. Blong, Ph.D.
Operations Division, Response
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Department of Homeland Security

"The kindness and generosity of the
neighboring farmers is the true measure of
the commonwealth of the community.  As
you mentioned that generosity of spirit is
really worthy of celebrating this
Thanksgiving.  God bless all of them.

As Pope Francis would observe--a good
measure of the  spirituality of the
community can sometimes be better
measured in the harvest fields than in the
four walls of the place of worship.  At least
that is what I think he was saying in his
paper of this weekend.

Thanks for writing up a truly great story."

It is not that we wrote a great story---It is
because this is a great story!!!  
"Loved By Thousands Weekly"