August 19, 20, 21, 2011
Protivin, Iowa
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Czech Day Coverage 2010
Masopust 2011 in Protivin
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It Happens Every August! - Friday Night & a Great
Time at Czech Days...See and Hear the Video
Video and Photos from Czech Days coming up
from THE event!
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Turkey Valley Football  2011
It Happens Every August! - Play 2011 Czech Promo
It Happens Every August! - Hear Interviews with Joel
Meirick and Bruce Bucheit, Plus Play-By-Play of
Bundy Pitching and videos of volleyball and Bean
Bag..and lots of Photos from Czech Days
It Happens Every August! - The very first time it
happened in August was 1978 - The Protivin
Centennial to this day remains one of the "Best" and
"Greatest" Celebration a town of this size has ever
put on.  Crowd estimates were as much as 50,000
people...but it wasn't only the crowd it was the
celebration itself that was so special.  Bill Meirick
and his wife Ann spear-headed the event.  Bill visits
about the Centennial in 1978 on this report, plus
many photos from 2011, Video from the Brat Stand
and Bingo.  Don't miss this one!!!
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Russ Dairy of Protivin
won the Softball Tournament
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It Happens Every August! - Hear an Interview with
Margaret Svoboda (Pegi Johns) about her career in
Music and Czech Days, Plus music from Barefoot
Becky and The Protivin Band