Protivin's 2013 Czech Days

2013 is the 35th Year and there'll be a
Parade with many interesting
dignitaries expected to be there

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2013 Czech Days
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First Snow of The Season
Picture from Ball Park in Protivin
and continued into Mid-Day...(No Major
accumulation..generally less than 1/2 inch)
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photos of snow
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Photos, Videos,
From the Snow

See Photos from several area
towns during the storm
Lawler, Saude, Little
Jackson Jct., Waucoma,
Ft. Atkinson, Spillville &
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What a Difference a Day Makes!

Winter came back and dumped nearly 6 inches of snow in many parts
of northeast Iowa and southern Minnesota causing the cancellation of
just about everything in Chickasaw, Winneshiek, Howard, Fayette,
Allamakee, Clayton, and Bremer Counties in Iowa, plus adjoining

We captured a few pictures (below)
from the storm which caused zero visibilties on many road
during the morning commute on Wednesday (1/30/2013).  
White out conditions existed as well on most roads in the area.  

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See photos and read a blog
about winter today compared to
winter "Back in the Day".

Above photo is from the "Jail Park" in
Protivin taken on 1/29/2013.  This very
spot used to be home to an ice skating
rink in the winter time, but today could be
used for a basketball game with
temperatures warmer than the kids used
to have in the winter time at the old
Protivin Gym!
Most of the photos on this page are from in and around Cresco.  
The snow was coming down pretty heavy at the time the photos were
taken.  The picture above is from the court house lawn and below
you'll find photos from Kessel Park and Vernon Springs on The Turkey
River, plus there are some others
With the mask on it is hard to tell who it is
for sure, but it is someone from
Fencl Oil
and LP
cleaning the sidewalks in
downtown Protivin
(and enjoying it...see thumbs up below)
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