"Loved By Thousands Weekly"
"Loved By Thousands Weekly"
"Salute to Veterans"

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Veteran's Day
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"Loved By Thousands Weekly"
The Fly Over in New Hampton
They went over the ceremony dedicating the new memorial to
Chicksaw County Veterans at the Court House at least 8 times.
"It was Impressive"
A Day to Honor Those that Served

From New Hampton to Turkey Valley this was an impressive day.  It was
a day to honor those that served our country through wars and peace.

The general theme was, "Freedom is not Free".  The proud and
dedicated men and women that have served our country have
maintained our freedom for nearly 250 years.  We captured photos
from the dedication of the new memorial dedicated to veterans of
Chickasaw County at the courthouse in New Hampton.  We also were
on hand for the presentation of the 6th grade students of Turkey
Valley honoring veterans from the district.

It turned out to be the coldest day of the season so far and the first
time we have seen snow in this area this season.  Despite the adverse
weather conditions, few left the court house in New Hampton for the
dedication that lasted a little over an hour.  There were several
monuments unveiled with names of those who have served during
various times in our country's history from Chickasaw County.  The
highlight of the event was the fly over of 4 planes, not once, but at
least 8 times.

The huge and better than expected crowd endured the cold and were
able to honor vets from several communities including New Hampton,
Lawler, Fredericksburg, Nashua, and Protivin.

In the afternoon, Turkey Valley had an all school assembly in the
gymnasium with 6th grade students doing the presentation to honor
the veterans from Lawler, Fort Atkinson, Waucoma, Protivin, and St.

The students did and impressive job of showing their sincere respect
for around 100 veterans and auxiliary  members  in attendance.  They
presented a video with photos from this past years Memorial Day
services at the 5 communities.

Despite the great job done by the young people, the highlight of the
event was probably when Diane Shileny and Honor Langreck, mothers
of 2 soldiers currently serving, related what it was like to be proud and
concerned of their sons while serving our country.

We hope you enjoy the photos on this page
dedicated to all that have served.
The Front (above) & Back (below) of the
program at Turkey Valley.  To the right the
contents of the program
Diane Shileny (speaking)
Honor Langreck
gave touching speeches about what it is
like to be a mother that has a son serving
his country, especially when in harms way.
 Both currently have sons serving
It snowed and was cold (about 25), but the
crowd was still strong and endured
during a dedication of the new monument
honoring Chickasaw County veterans that
lasted a little over an hour in front of the
court house in New Hampton
Representing Protivin at the dedication in New Hampton
(sitting), Ken Hubka, Ken Bruess, Leonard Fencl
(standing) Bill Ondrashek, Pamela Novotny, Victor Lukes
Returning to the scene of
numerous crimes!
That is Ron "Don't Call Be Mr." Donn
standing and talking to Jack McKone
Mr. Donn not only served his country, but
served the students of Turkey Valley for
many years as the high school principal.  
He helped set a lot of us on the right path
in life and remains well respected by the
majority of his former students.
The Lawler Group at Turkey Valley
One of the strongest Legion Posts in the Upper Midwest
Teacher Dan Stepan's
6th grade students put on an impressive
presentation which included a video
Evle Milbrandt
read the names of veterans and auxiliary
members in attendance who stood with
their respective organizations to be
recognized by the students
The 6th Graders were great hosts and put on an impressive show