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Trojans with Big Win
14-6 over Starmont

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Mistakes Costly as Trojans Fall
33-20 to Sumner-Fred
in 2013 Opener

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Turkey Valley Football
Wapsie Valley 21 Turkey Valley 6
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2013 Turkey Valley
Football Schedule
Lost to Sumner-Fredericksburg (20-33)                   (0-1)
Lost to South Winneshiek (6-50)                               (0-2)
Won @ North-Linn (44-6)                                   (1-0) (1-2)
Won @ Starmont (14-6)                                   
  (2-0) (2-2)
Beat East Buchanan (62-8)                                (3-0) (3-2)   
Won @ North Butler(20-0)                                   (4-0) (4-2)
Lost 21-6 to Wapsie Valley                                (4-1) (4-3)
10/18                                                                 @ Postville
10/25                                               Edgewood-Colesburg

Games from 9/13 on Class A District Games
All Games start @ 7 p.m.
Games in Red---Home Games
( ) record in blue = District Record
Wapsie Wins

There are plenty of ways to analyze and plenty of spots to second
guess and even a few places where you could say if this happened the
outcome may have been different, but the bottom line is Wapsie Valley
beat the Turkey Valley Trojans 21-6 in a battle of 2 undefeated District
foes to take over sole possession of first place in District 3 of Class A
in Iowa football.

However, by the performance of the Trojans they proved they can play
with anyone in their class this season in football.  After all, Wapsie
Valley is the defending state champion in this class and remain
undefeated this season and with the ball bouncing just a little
different a couple of times, Turkey Valley may have been able to pull
this one out.

Wapsie Valley did fumble twice, but both times the ball bounced right
back to the player running the football instead of a Trojan.

The Trojans did have a couple of balls picked-off when they were
attempting passes down field into a strong wind that would have been
difficult for Peyton Manning to throw in to.

All points in this game were scored with the offensive team going with
the wind; 6 by Turkey Valley in the first quarter and 21 by Wapsie Valley
in the 2nd and 3rd quarter.

When the Trojans finally did get the wind back at its back in the 4th
quarter they were only able to run a handful of plays as Wapsie ran the
clock out.

To the surprise of many, Turkey Valley was in control early in this game
with the defense holding the high scoring Wapsie Valley offense to
few yards during the Warriors first 2 series.  

Turkey Valley mixed it up pretty good with runs inside and outside and
a pass or two to score the first points of the game on a 3-yard run by
Luke Kuennen with 1:24 to play in the first quarter.  The TD was set-up
by a long run by Jordan Denk off the left side, when Jordan seemed
stopped behind the line of scrimmage, but turned the burners on to
take the ball inside the 5.  It was one of the few runs for Jordan on the

The Trojans really did not threaten to score again the rest of the night,
as for the most part the much bigger Wapsie Valley squad controlled
the line of scrimmage.

It was all rock-em-sock-em football as the Warriors put together 3
scoring drives; 2 in the 2nd quarter and 1 in the 3rd quarter employing
almost exclusively a rushing attack and were aided by a couple of
interceptions on long Trojan passes down field into the wind.

The 4th quarter came and went so fast that if you went to the bathroom
prior to it starting you probably missed it.

Wapsie controlled the ball and ran the clock out and the only TV
possession of the quarter ended with just under 4 minutes to play,
when the Trojans elected to punt, trailing by 2 TDs rather than going
for it on 4th and long and never had the ball again the rest of the night.

When you take into account that Wapsie Valley came into the game
averaging over 60 (not a misprint) points a game in district games,
holding them to 21 is quite an accomplishment for the Trojans.

So now we are down to 2 games in the regular season and Turkey
Valley must win them both (next week @ Postville and the following
week at home against EdCo) if they want to host a playoff game as the
second seed or even the #1 seed if Wapsie should fall, which is

Many more photos, stats,
coaches comments below!
2013 Turkey Valley Trojans
Football Team

1        Jaden Bruess        FR        5-05      111
3        Blake Busta        JR        5-10          173
5        Ryan Busta        SR        5-11           185
10        John Gossling        FR   5-02        104
11        Cody Hackman        FR   5-08        170
14        Justin Hackman      JR   5-08        145
20        Nick Njus        FR        5-10            175
21        Wyatt Blazek        FR      5-07        143
22        Eric Buchendahl    SR    5-08        160
23        Riley Meirick        SR      5-08        164
24        Jordan Denk        SR      6-00        157
27        Seth Jenks        JR        5-07        108
28        Justin Kime        JR        5-07        170
32        Jacob Buss        SR        6-00        169
33        Brogan Mihm        JR      5-10        183
40        Luke Keunnen        SR   6-04        247
42        Travis Reicks        JR     5-07        159
44        Kyle Reicks        SR        6-02        199
50        Riley Busta         SR        5-09        167
54        Tyler Sawyer        JR       5-09        187
57        Scott Kime        FR        5-07          190
59        Riley Schmitt        FR      5-09        145
60        Levi Klimesh        JR      6-00        199
62        Jacob Hackman      SR   5-11        167
64        Jacob Kuhn        SO        6-01        212
66        Kelby Reicks        FR      5-08        183
67        Clayton Eichenberger  JR  6-00   197
72        Nathan Mueterthies   FR   6-04    249
74        Joey Bruch        JR        5-11        185
76        Charles Hadacek    SR  5-09        179
77        Riley Buchhiet        SR    6-06       209
78        Reece Barloon        JR    6-00      169
80        Walker Liebold        FR    5-06      115
81        Ben Wilkerson        JR     6-00      204
84        Kyle Balik        JR        5-10           138
88        Evan Busta        FR        5-06        124
2013 Turkey Valley Volleyball
2013 Turkey Valley CC
Scoring Summary

WV                      0        14        7        0                21                             
TV                       6          0        0        0                  6

1Q-1:24-TV-Luke Kuennen 3 yard run (PAT-NG)
2Q-8:45-WV-Ryan Miller 1 yard run (PAT-Colin Wheeler-Kick)
2Q-3:14-WV-Ryan Miller 11 yard run (PAT-Colin Wheeler-Kick)
3Q-3:13-WV-Jake Goeller 2 yard run (PAT-Colin Wheeler-Kick)

Final-Wapsie Valley 21 Turkey Valley 6
South Winn over Powers
Turkey Valley in Possibly
the Last Meeting

Get all the Detail with Photos
District 3

This Week
Edgewood-Colesburg 44, East Buc 6
Postville 10, North Butler, 9
Starmont 48, North-Linn, 12
Wapsie Valley,  21, Turkey Valley,  6

Next Week
East Buchanan, at North-Linn,
North Butler at Edgewood-Colesburg
Turkey Valley,at Postville
Wapsie Valley  at Starmont

Final Week
Edgewood-Colesburg at Turkey Valley,
North-Linn,  at North Butler,
Postville at Wapsie Valley,
Starmont at East Buchanan,

District  Week 4
Postville 42, East Buchanan, Winthrop 8
Starmont 36, Edgewood-Colesburg 0
Wapsie Valley 61, North-Linn,  20
Turkey Valley 20 North Butler 0

District Week 3
Edgewood-Colesburg 39, North-Linn,  15
Starmont 42, Postville 7
Turkey Valley  62, East Buchanan,  8
Wapsie Valley,  62, North Butler,  0

District Week 2
North Butler 42 East Buchanan 8
Postville 39 North-Linn 0
Turkey Valley 14  Starmont 6
Wapsie Valley, over Edgewood-Colesburg

District  Week 1
Postville 45, Edgewood-Colesburg 12
Starmont 26, North Butler 20
Turkey Valley, 44, North-Linn, 6
Wapsie Valley 70, East Buchanan 0
Class A-District 3

Wapsie Valley                         5-0
Turkey Valley                         4-1
Postville                                4-1
Starmont                                4-1
Edgewood-Colesburg               2-3
North Butler                           1-4
East Buchanan                        0-5
North Linn                              0-5
Trojans Roll Over North
Linn in District Opener

Get all the Details with Photos
Front Page of 2013 Turkey Valley Football
Turkey Valley Stat Leaders

Luke Kuennen                   14-59-1td              
Jordan Denk                         2-26                 

Ryan Busta              2-7-25YDS-0-2INT         

Riley Meirick                         1-15                  
Eric Buckendahl                   1-10                   

Luke Kuennen                      15
Tyler Sawyer                          15  
Charles Hadacek                   12    
Riley Busta                             11
Riley Bucheit                         10           
Riley Meirick                           5                   
Brogan Mihm                          5                 
Levi Klimesh                           4                  
Eric Buckendahl                     4        
Turkey Valley @ 50
This popular series from 2010 looks at the
first 50 years of TV with photos,
interviews, and more.  More TV Photos
than you'll find anywhere!

Find Your Decade & Enjoy!
Turkey Valley @ 50
"Loved By Thousands Weekly"
Tierney Lensing Queen and
Trojans Roll to 62-8 Win

Get all the Details with Photos
Coach Mark Scott

Offensively-"We moved the ball early but
after that we struggled to get a drive
sustained. A mixture of the wind and
Wapsie's size and speed made scoring
difficult. Kyle Reicks being unable to play
had a definite impact on our offense.
Wapsie controlled the ball with their
running game limiting the number of
snaps we had on offense."

Defensively-"I thought our defense
played well. We had to make adjustments
to our game plan when Kyle was out. We
did not allow Wapsie to get the big
offensive plays that they were used to

Comments-"The wind hindered what we
needed to do on offensive in the 2nd and
3rd quarters. It did help us early in the
game to control field position.
Our  players played hard. This was a hard
fought game. We were in the game until
the end. Wapsie converted a big 4th down
play in the 4th quarter that allowed them
to run the clock out.
We play  at Postville next week. Postville
only has 1 district loss. This could be the
battle for second place in the district. We
will have to play well to clinch the #2 spot
in the district."
TV with a Saturday
Win @ North Butler

Get all the Details with Photos
Tournament Volleyball

Trojans Open @ Home against
Get the Details
Senior Jordan Denk
used his speed to get outside in the first
quarter taking the ball inside the 5 setting
up the score that gave TV the lead, 6-0.
Denk had 26 yards on just 2 carries!
Somewhere in there Luke Kuennen is powering his way forward for
the first and only score for The Trojans.  TV took a 6-0 lead on this play
with 1:24 to play in the first quarter, but wouldn't get close to the end
zone the rest of the night
Three of the men responsible for holding Wapsie to 40 points below
its district average.  
#77 Riley Bucheit, #40 Luke Kuennen,
and #33 Brogan Mihm
As they have all year, The Trojans swarmed around the ball on defense
If seeing a photo of this hit is making your
head spin and makes things blurry, just
think how the ball carrier felt!
Hope there was a shovel close by to scoop up this BS!
Junior Tyler Sawyer
had 15 tackles to help hold down the
state's top rushing offense and #2 scoring
machine to just 21 points