"Loved By Thousands Weekly"
"Loved By Thousands Weekly"
Wapsie Wins The Battle of
The Unbeaten Valleys

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Trojans with Big Win
14-6 over Starmont

Get all the Details with Photos
Mistakes Costly as Trojans Fall
33-20 to Sumner-Fred
in 2013 Opener

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2013 Turkey Valley
Football Schedule
Lost to Sumner-Fredericksburg (20-33)                   (0-1)
Lost to South Winneshiek (6-50)                               (0-2)
Won @ North-Linn (44-6)                                   (1-0) (1-2)
Won @ Starmont (14-6)                                   
  (2-0) (2-2)
Beat East Buchanan (62-8)                                (3-0) (3-2)   
Won @ North Butler(20-0)                                   (4-0) (4-2)
Lost 21-6 to Wapsie Valley                                (4-1) (4-3)
Won @ Postville (42-27)                                     
(5-1) (5-3)
Beat Edgewood-Colesburg (44-6)                     (6-1) (6-3)
Beat BCL-UW in playoffs 46-14                                  (7-3)
Lost in Playoffs @ Gladbrook-Reinbeck (34-22)      (7-4)

Games in Red---Home Games
( ) record in blue = District Record
2013 Turkey Valley Trojans
Football Team

1        Jaden Bruess        FR        5-05      111
3        Blake Busta        JR        5-10          173
5        Ryan Busta        SR        5-11           185
10        John Gossling        FR   5-02        104
11        Cody Hackman        FR   5-08        170
14        Justin Hackman      JR   5-08        145
20        Nick Njus        FR        5-10            175
21        Wyatt Blazek        FR      5-07        143
22        Eric Buchendahl    SR    5-08        160
23        Riley Meirick        SR      5-08        164
24        Jordan Denk        SR      6-00        157
27        Seth Jenks        JR        5-07        108
28        Justin Kime        JR        5-07        170
32        Jacob Buss        SR        6-00        169
33        Brogan Mihm        JR      5-10        183
40        Luke Keunnen        SR   6-04        247
42        Travis Reicks        JR     5-07        159
44        Kyle Reicks        SR        6-02        199
50        Riley Busta         SR        5-09        167
54        Tyler Sawyer        JR       5-09        187
57        Scott Kime        FR        5-07          190
59        Riley Schmitt        FR      5-09        145
60        Levi Klimesh        JR      6-00        199
62        Jacob Hackman      SR   5-11        167
64        Jacob Kuhn        SO        6-01        212
66        Kelby Reicks        FR      5-08        183
67        Clayton Eichenberger  JR  6-00   197
72        Nathan Mueterthies   FR   6-04    249
74        Joey Bruch        JR        5-11        185
76        Charles Hadacek    SR  5-09        179
77        Riley Buchhiet        SR    6-06       209
78        Reece Barloon        JR    6-00      169
80        Walker Liebold        FR    5-06      115
81        Ben Wilkerson        JR     6-00      204
84        Kyle Balik        JR        5-10           138
88        Evan Busta        FR        5-06        124
2013 Turkey Valley Volleyball
2013 Turkey Valley CC
Scoring Summary
TV                  14        0        0        8                22
GR                 13        0        7        14              34

GR - Dustin Dinsdale 53 run (Wyatt Swanson kick)
TV - Riley Meirick 6 run (Luke Keunnen run)
TV - Keunnen 8 run (run failed)
GR - Camden Kickbush 18 run (kick blocked)
GR - Chase Clark 4 run (Swanson kick)
GR - Clark 10 run (Swanson kick)
TV - Eric Buchendahl 17 pass from Ryan Busta (Buchendahl pass from
GR - Kickbush 2 run (Swanson kick)

Final- Gladbrook-Reinbeck 34 Turkey Valley 22
South Winn over Powers
Turkey Valley in Possibly
the Last Meeting

Get all the Detail with Photos
District 3

District Week 7-Final Week
North Butler, 47, North-Linn, 19
Starmont 75, East Buchanan,  0
Turkey Valley, 44, Edgewood-Colesburg 6
Wapsie Valley, 35, Postville 0

District Week 6
North Butler, 40, Edgewood-Colesburg 14
North-Linn,59, East Buchanan,  13
Turkey Valley, 42, Postville 27
Wapsie Valley, 42 Starmont 10

District Week 5
Edgewood-Colesburg 44, East Buc 6
Postville 10, North Butler, 9
Starmont 48, North-Linn, 12
Wapsie Valley,  21, Turkey Valley,  6

District  Week 4
Postville 42, East Buchanan, Winthrop 8
Starmont 36, Edgewood-Colesburg 0
Wapsie Valley 61, North-Linn,  20
Turkey Valley 20 North Butler 0

District Week 3
Edgewood-Colesburg 39, North-Linn,  15
Starmont 42, Postville 7
Turkey Valley  62, East Buchanan,  8
Wapsie Valley,  62, North Butler,  0

District Week 2
North Butler 42 East Buchanan 8
Postville 39 North-Linn 0
Turkey Valley 14  Starmont 6
Wapsie Valley, over Edgewood-Colesburg

District  Week 1
Postville 45, Edgewood-Colesburg 12
Starmont 26, North Butler 20
Turkey Valley, 44, North-Linn, 6
Wapsie Valley 70, East Buchanan 0
Class A-District 3

Wapsie Valley                         7-0
Turkey Valley                         6-1
Starmont                                5-2
Postville                                4-3
North Butler                           3-4
Edgewood-Colesburg               2-5
North Linn   
East Buchanan                        0-7
Trojans Roll Over North
Linn in District Opener

Get all the Details with Photos
Turkey Valley @ 50
This popular series from 2010 looks at the
first 50 years of TV with photos,
interviews, and more.  More TV Photos
than you'll find anywhere!

Find Your Decade & Enjoy!
Turkey Valley @ 50
Tierney Lensing Queen and
Trojans Roll to 62-8 Win

Get all the Details with Photos
TV with a Saturday
Win @ North Butler

Get all the Details with Photos
2013 Turkey Valley

Trojans Beat Kee
Get the Details with photos
Luke Kuennen Scores 5
TDs in 42-27 Win over

Get all the Details with Photos
Ryan Izer Finishes 7th @
State Cross Country Meet
Get the Details
Trojans Close Regular
Season Running Away From
EdCo,  44-6!

Get all the Details with Photos
Turkey Valley Defeats
BCL-UW, 46-14

Get all the Details with Photos
In what was probably THE "Play of the Game" for Turkey Valley,
#22 Eric Buckendahl makes a great catch in the end zone and has
the presence of mind to get one foot down in bounds for the
touchdown.  This was a case where the photographer was too close to
the play to get the shot from top to bottom (but imagine the ball at the
height of his reach and the foot just getting down).  This play looked
more like one you would see on your couch watching the NFL on
Sunday afternoon than one in a high school football game.  
Quarterback Ryan Busta threw the ball to the one place where
the receiver could catch it, but the defenders couldn't defend it and
Buckendahl made the great catch.  
It covered 17 yards and gave TV hope as they
narrowed the score to 27-22 with 6:13 left to play in the game.
#22 Eric Buckendahl
awaits the kick-off.  Gladbrook-Reinbeck
took the opening kick-off and drove the
ball down the field in less than a minute
against little resistance, capped by a 50
yard touchdown run.  It looked like it
would be "one of those nights", but
Buckendahl changed that thinking right
away by taking the ensuing kick-off all
the way down to the 15
and the Trojans would quickly score
and took the lead, 8-7.
Turkey Valley Falls to

Football is a game of intensity and momentum.  Leading 14-13 and
coming out for the second half, for some reason, Turkey Valley
seemed liked they had lost some of the intensity they displayed in the
first half and most of the season.  Soon they would lose the
momentum, then the lead and eventually the game.

It had to be a long bus ride home, for the young men, through the fog
from Gladbrook on Monday night, knowing they were good enough to
move on in the playoffs, but had to swallow the bitter taste of a 34-22
second round playoff loss to the Rebels from Gladbrook-Reinbeck.

After licking their wounds, hopefully the players of the 2013 Turkey
Valley Trojans will realize they had a heck of a season.  No one knew
what to expect from this group coming into the season.  They lost
some key parts from the prior year, and had more question marks than

It didn't look very good after 2 non-district routs put on them by 2
pretty good football teams from a class above.  However, you did see a
never quit attitude from the team in those 2 games that you hoped
could carry them a long way through the season, and it did.

Through some excellent development from Mark Scott and his
coaching staff you could see this team get better and better every
week and by year's end you would have to say they could play with any
team in their class in the state.

They played a good football game on Monday and with the right breaks
could have very easily won this one.  I even caught myself thinking at
halftime,  I liked their chances against Wapsie Valley, and for a moment
envisioned them playing in the dome.

But it wasn't to be.  Some things, completely out of their control, and
others definitely within their control, were the ingredients that led to
the difficult defeat.

You never want to blame the officials, because you want to believe
they are doing the best they can, and have no intent to sway the game
one way or another with their calls.  However, there were several
questionable calls that went against the Trojans from start to finish.  

There was an obvious holding that wasn't called against
Gladbrook-Reinbeck that led to a touchdown.  That wouldn't have
been so bad, except that on the next series for TV, there was a
holding called against the Trojans that wasn't so obvious and it put
them in a hole.  There were others, from spots to a stiff arm being
called for a penalty against TV, but on the next series when the Rebel
back did the same thing, not once but twice, and it wasn't called, it
kind of made you wonder.

Officiating aside, Turkey Valley definitely had its chances.  Leading
14-13 with time ticking down toward the end of the third quarter and its
defense playing solid against a highly heralded offensive team the
Trojans made a decision that turned the game around.

Facing a third and 20 in its own territory, where it looked like the
reasonable thing to do was run the ball on third, punt on fourth and let
your defense hold them down; like they had the entire 2nd and 3rd
quarter.  Instead the Trojans elected to try and take advantage of the
element of surprise, and ran a halfback pass play that was easily
picked-off and returned inside the Trojan 15.

That play turned the tide.  Gladbrook-Reinbeck not only scored a TD
quickly to take the lead, 20-14, but with the momentum swing added
another in virtually no time flat and took complete control of the game
with 11:54 left to play, 27-14.

The Trojans were stunned and looked wore down, but to their credit
regained their intensity and put together a valiant effort in the final
quarter of play.

A Justin Kime interception set-up the Trojans to score its third TD of
the game.

With 6:13 left to play, we were thrilled with a play run to perfection by
quarterback Ryan Busta and receiver Eric Buckendahl.  It was one of
those plays where the quarterback had one place to put the ball for
success and the receiver had to stretch out to get it, while at the same
time getting his feet down in bounce.  You have seen it done
hundreds of times on Sundays during NFL games.  This time it was
Busta and Buckendahl getting it done in a high school game.  That
made the score 27-22 with 6:13 to play.

So there was still hope, but this where the story becomes the
opponent doing what it had to do to secure victory.

The Rebels ate clock and made gutsy decisions that nailed it down.  
Not once, but twice their quarterback did a Houdini act to escape
would be Turkey Valley tacklers to pick up critical first downs.  The
second was on a 4th and 5 from just outside the Turkey Valley 40. The
QB escaped around left side for the first down.  The play took most of
wind out of the Trojan sail and put one of the final nails
in the coffin of the 2013 season.

The final nail came when they scored with 1:15 left to make it 34-22.  

The Rebels move on to what should be another dandy game against
the Wapsie Valley Warriors on Friday night.  That winner moves on to
the UNI-Dome for the semi-finals.

This is the final chapter of 53 years of 11-player football for The Turkey
Valley Trojans.  It's been a great ride from an undefeated season in its
second year of existence in 1961 playing on the ball field in Lawler to
this year's team.

Next year, a new book is to be started with chapter 1, as the Trojans
begin 8-player football.  Some things will change.  The field will be
smaller and there'll be 3 less players on each side of the ball.  Turkey
Valley will be trading in opponents like South Winneshiek,
Sumner-Fredericksburg, and Wapsie Valley for the likes of Tripoli,
Riceville, West Central, and Kee High.

The rest of it will pretty much stay the same!

One final word on the 2013 team.  It is a great bunch of young men that
gave it their all and deserve to
be very proud of what they accomplished.
The senior players and senior support people on the sidelines
will be missed.

Gladbrook-Reinbeck 34 Turkey Valley 22
Wapsie Valley 35 Grundy Center 0

Gladbrook-Reinbeck plays Wapsie Valley Friday in the quarter-finals of
the Class A Playoffs

Other Playoff Games of Interest:
Class 1A
North Fayette Valley 28, Nashua-Plainfield 0
South Winneshiek, 36, Dike-New Hartford 17
South Winneshiek @ North Fayette Valley Friday in a rematch of a
regular season game.  The Warriors will be looking for revenge
Regina, Iowa City 35, Clayton Ridge 3

Class 2A
New Hampton 19, Cascade, Western Dubuque 7
Waukon 48, Beckman Catholic, Dyersville 14
Another rematch game Friday @ New Hampton

Class 3A
Decorah 40, Maquoketa 24
Solon 49, West Delaware 20
Solon @ Decorah Friday
More Photos, stats,
coaches comments Yet to come!
#40 Luke Kuennen
and #23 Riley Meirick
It was another game of "Luke being
Luke", which has been pretty good over
the last 3 seasons of varsity action.
Meirick had an outstanding start to this
game, scoring the first TD on a 5-yard run,
recovering a fumble to set-up the second
TD and blocking the PAT to preserve a
14-13 lead.  For a good part of the game it
looked like the blocked PAT
could be the difference.
This was "Big Boy" Football!
A Big Question Mark coming into the
season was the quarterback position.
Senior Ryan Busta
did an excellent job running the show.  
Though not the prototypical looking QB,
Ryan had good accuracy throwing the ball
and became a better runner as the
season progressed.
Playing behind a line of hard hitters like
#77 Riley Bucheit (below) had to
make life easier for Ryan and the rest of
the backfield.
The 2 will now turn their efforts to the
hardwood, where they are expected to be
2 of the leaders of Chris Sullivan's
basketball team.
Just before the first half ended
#44 Kyle Reicks
(pictured right after the play)
almost had a pick 6
Reicks read a play beautifully, stepped in
front of the receiver, and had the ball.  
The receiver made an excellent play
knocking the ball from Kyle.  With the
interception and touchdown, TV would
have had at least a 7-point lead at halftime
#84 Kyle Balik
saw the most action of his career in the
game with Gladbrook-Reinbeck.  The
junior will no doubt be a major part of
next year's team as they move to 8-player.
Simon Says
"Today's My Birthday and I'm 13"
Coach Mark Scott

Offensively-"Our offense faced a stout
defense. We were able to move the ball
sporadically. A couple of penalties on
offense took away big runs and put us in a
hole. The third quarter we started in bad
field position and did not overcome it
allowing G-R to have good field position.
An interception return allowed them to
have a very short field for the go ahead

Defensively-"The players played hard we
only had a couple of break downs on
defense that allowed big plays. We had
three take a ways. Riley Meirick fell on  a
fumble early in the game to give us
momentum. Blake Busta and Jusin Kime
both had interceptions to halt G-R drives."

Comments-"t was a hard fought high
school football game that could have
went either way. Unfortunately G-R was
able to make enough plays to come away
with the victory.
This team played hard every time that they
took the field. We had a good year and  
something they should be proud of."
#3 Blake Busta
stopped a GR drive as he picked one off
deep in Trojan territory
and had a good run back
My career covering football for various media outlets spans 40 years.  
I started in 1973 doing play-by-play of taped delayed games on KWAY
in Waverly.   I have covered high school and college football from
California to Florida in a total of at least 10 states. I have seen some
remarkable things from the formation of the spread offense at Iowa
Wesleyan College, now used by many college teams across the
country, to witnessing a good friend fall from the top of the press box
into the bleachers after a game, right after the ambulance left.
(I thought he was dead, but he recovered.)  

All in all it has been a very enjoyable ride, but none of the previous
seasons measure up to the enjoyment I have derived from football
over the last few seasons on the sidelines covering the Turkey Valley
Trojans.  The coaches, players, many of the fans on the sidelines, and
especially the managers and other support staff have been so much
fun to be around.  The 2 lovely young ladies flanking me (the old guy in
the middle) represent all those Turkey Valley young people who have
been so kind and fun to be around.
Thank you all for letting me part of it!  
 Randy Novotny
"Loved By Thousands Weekly"
Turkey Valley Stat Leaders

Luke Kuennen        20-88-1td
Justin Kime               7-39
Eric Buckendahl       6-23
Riley Merick              8-23-1td
Ryan Busta                5-8-71-1td
Eric Buckendahl         2-40-1td
Kyle Reicks                 1-15
Luke Kuennen            1-8
Justin Kime                 1-8
Luke Kuennen                11
Levi Klimesh                   10
Tyler Sawyer                      9
Riley Busta                        7
Kyle Reicks
Justin Kime               5
Blake Busta                     5
Eric Buckendahl             5
Riley Bucheit                  4
Riley Meirick                   3
Blake Busta                     1-13
Justin Kime                     1-10
Fumble Recovery
Riley Meirick        1