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Turkey Valley Football
@ Turkey Valley 14 North Linn 12
Class A-District 3 Schedule & Results
Trojans win District Opener

QB Dalton Hackman scored on a 3 yard run with 6:43 left to play to give
the Trojans the lead for good 14-12 in the home and
marching down the field attempting to take the lead when the "D" of
TV held.  On offense the Trojans picked up a couple of first downs and
were able to run off the final 3:09 of the clock to ice the first victory of
the season

Luke Kuennen scored the other TD in the first half when he fell on a
fumble in the end zone.  The ball was jarred loose by Tanner Miller.  
Hackman scored the 2-point conversion on a run to give the Trojans
the lead 8-0.  

The lead stood up through the first half.  North Linn scored 2 TDs in
the third quarter to take the 12-8 lead.  The second was on a 78 yard
pass play that can be best described as a fluke play.  The ball hit a
receiver in the back and ricoheted into the arms of another who
galloped home for the touchdown and the lead for the Lynx with :46
left in the third period.

The Trojans host Starmont next Friday at 7 p.m.
Hear QB Dalton Hackman describe his game winning TD
and other plays from Dalton.  Plus an interview with
See the Game winning Drive
Top 5 plays of the game in Slow-MO.  
This week featuring a lot of great plays from
Brian Schmitt,
Steven Landa, Dalton Hackman, Luke Kuennen, Nic
Schaufenbuel, and The Trojans front line.
Scoring Summary

NL                           0        0        12        0        12
TV                           0        8          0        6        14

TV Luke Kuennen recovered fum in EZ (D. Hackman run)
NL 5 yard run (PAT-NG)
NL 78 yard pass play  (run)
TV Dalton Hackman 3 yard run (PAT-NG)

Final Score-Turkey Valley 14 North Linn 12
Top Performances

Dalton Hackman 2 for 5 for 40 yards

Brian Schmitt   18 for 78
Dalton Hackman 16 for 65   1TD
Riley Meirick  14 for 64

Steven Landa  1-36
Riley Meirick 1-4


Nic Schaufenbuel    13
Luke Kuennen         13
Charles Hadacek       9
Brian Schmitt             8
Kyle Reicks                6
Dalton Hackman        5
John Hageman          5

Luke Kuennen
had fumble recovery in EZ for TD
Turkey Valley 2012 Roster

1  Ryan Izer  SO  5-08  122  
3  Blake Busta  SO  5-09  154  
5  Ryan Busta  JR  5-10  168  
11  Dalton Hackman  SR  6-01  185  
14  Justin Hackman  SO  5-10  135  
20  Tanner Winter  FR  5-10  158  
21  Steven Landa  JR  6-02  170  
22  Eric Buchendahl  JR  5-09  148  
23  Riley Meirick  JR  5-09  163  
24  Nick Meirick  JR  6-00  152  
27  Seth Jenks  SO  5-05  99  
28  Justin Kime  SO  5-06  149  
32  Jacob Buss  JR  5-10  167  
33  Brogan Mihm  SO  5-09  165  
40  Luke Keunnen  JR  6-04  230  
42  Travis Reicks  SO  5-05  150  
44  Kyle Reicks  JR  6-02  180  
45  Brian Schmitt  SR  6-01  210  
50  Busta Riley  JR  5-08  154  
51  Ben Wilkerson  SO  5-11  172  
53  Dustin Wenthold  JR  6-00  333  
54  Tyler Sawyer  SO  5-09  177  
55  Nicholas Schaufenbeul  SR  6-01  205  
59  Tanner Miller  JR  5-07  155  
60  Levi Klimesh  SO  5-11  194  
62  Jacob Hackman  JR  5-10  165  
63  Corey Buchhiet  SR  6-00  158  
64  Jacob Kuhn  FR  6-01  190  
66  Blake Kruse  SO  5-06  142  
67  Clayton Eichenberger  SO  6-00  170  
68  Riley Buchhiet  JR  6-05  194  
69  John Hageman  SR  5-09  154  
75  Joey Bruch  SO  6-00  218  
76  Charles Hadacek  JR  5-09  177  
78  Reece Barloon  SO  6-00  176  
84  Kyle Balik  SO  5-10  130  
86  Denk Jordan  JR  
Mark Scott Comments

Offensively- "We moved the ball
sporadically but failed to maintain drives.
We finished off the game with take the
lead the other to run out the clock."

Defensively- "We played well. Their
scores came on a fluke pass play and
after a penalty that kept a drive alive."

Special Teams- "Brian Schmitt had a punt
block. Nic Schaufenbuel had a nice kick
return to give us good field position."

"We continue to improve in all aspects of
the game.
Next week we play at home against a good
Starmont team."
We have alot of interesting videos and interviews.  On the
first immediately below hear interviews with PA Man Dave
Anderson, Manager Austin Vrzak, and Nic Schaufenbuel.  
See Big plays from Nic and others plus watch the Band
March for the first time this season
2012 Turkey Valley Football  
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