"What Do YOU Want to Know?"
Snow Storm Photos
"Enjoy the Beauty of This Area's Towns"
Featuring Lawler, Saude,
Little Turkey, Jackson Jct., Waucoma,
Ft. Atkinson, Spillville & Protivin
Photos Taken December 20, 2012
by Randy Novotny
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We took some video as we traveled
and that is coming up
A Winter Storm

It certainly did not turn out to be as bad as
was projected earlier in the week.  They
were saying we could get up to 18 inches
of snow followed by 40-50 mph winds and
near blizzard conditions.

We ended up with 3-4 inches of snow and
did have the high winds probably as
strong as 40 mph in the country with
temps in the mid-20s it felt cold, but not
bitterly cold.  If we were judging the storm
like they do hurricanes, I would call it a
high 1 or maybe a low 2.  We certainly
have had worse and unfortunately, more
than likely this won't be the worst we will
see this winter, but it was the first storm.

What we have here are some photos we
captured as we traveled through the
towns of
Saude, Little Turkey, Lawler
Jackson Jct (Turkey Valley), Wacoma, Ft.
Atkinson, Spillville and Protivin.
 We also
captured some video which we will be

Hope you enjoy the photos and if you
have some you would like to share...Email
them to
Lawler is a town with many beautiful spots.  This one
as you enter the town coming from New Hampton
Spillville is rich in heritage and beauty
more from Spillville belo
Waucoma has as much natural beauty
as any town around.  This is a statue of an
Eagle on the river, but
you could also see a real one nearby.  
More Waucoma photos below!
This photo from Little Turkey gives you an idea of how windy it
was...blowing the approximate 4 inches they received there.  It was
also still snowing (we think) when this photo was taken
A Winter Wonderland
The bridge near the park by Fort Atkinson where we played our
children play, our parents play, and even their parents played and
hopefully many more generations will play in this beautiful area.
Snow Day
No School at Rudolphinum today!
Did they ever catch those jokers that
called into the radio station to call off
school back in 1967?
Even on a Snow Day the Trojan is there
protecting the premises at
Turkey Valley
The weather was bad enough to keep
people away from the
LT in Little Turkey,
well at least early in the day!
The Nativity Scene in Lawler
Not a lot of snow as you can tell from this
field near
Saude, but the
winds brought visibilty to near zero
The weather didn't bother a soul resting here at
Holy Trinity in Protivin
The Bridge in Waucoma
The Church in Little Turkey
The Library in Fort
The Road Crew was out and has the street clear
Downtown Lawler
Santa is making his list in Protivin...
He said the residents in Protivin can
leave a
Beer & A Brat again this year
A scene just outside Spillville
The Nativity in Protivin
The river between
Waucoma & Jackson Jct
The river between Waucoma & Jackson Jct
If you look closely, you'll see Santa trying out the roofs in Fort
The beauty by The Turkey River near
Fort Atkinson headed toward Calmar
The wind blows the flags making a breath taking affect
at the monuments in
Spillville has honored its veterans for
years here
It's winter in Little Turkey
Snow scene between
Spillville & Protivin
The Christmas decorations in Fort Atkinson
The No Tell Hotel in
Fort Atkinson
The Bily Clocks in
The Nativity Scene in
Sleigh Full of Gifts in
Fort Atkinson
When my dad was a boy...they would go
"over the river and through the woods"
to this house,
which was Grandmother's House.  
Today, the McKones have it in a
Festive Mode
near Fort Atkinson
The outskirts of Lawler
"Hallmark" Scene in Fort Atkinson
The snow covered the park near The Inwood in Spillville
The Water Tower in
By The Dam Site in